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Assistant Teacher

East Harlem Council-Human Services, East 117th Street, New York, NY, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The Head Start Assistant Teacher, under the direction of the classroom teacher, may assist in
teaching related activities which include, but are not limited to, record keeping, material processing, set-up, student assistance and other related tasks which allow the teachers to increase the efficiency within the instructional program. Medical/physical: May provide assistance to specific individual students with /or personal needs which may include, but are not limited to, toileting, feeding and dressing.

I . Provide instructional assistance such as but not limited 'to: facilitating learning centers individual and small group instruction; facilitating and modeling play; assisting students; and model good nutrition practices during meal/snack times.
2. Supervise children inside and outside the building in a variety of situations.
3. Performs basic clerical and record-keeping duties.
4. Assists in the preparation of materials needed for classroom instruction.
5. Prepares the classroom for both small and large group instruction per lesson plan and Head Start requirements.
6. Performs general classroom duties as assigned in a preschool classroom.
7. Provides basic care to children including assistance with tooth brushing, toileting. etc.
8. Assists with special classroom, school and program events as requested.
9. Assists with cleaning and disinfecting of classroom equipment and materials. IO. Attends staffing, meetings, and trainings when requested.
11. Work with the Group Teacher in the preparation of lesson plans weekly, daily ad unit plans.
12. Assist Group Teacher in master checklist reports.
13. Assit Group Teacher in preparing progress reports.
14. Supervise class in the absence of the teacher.
15. Assist in the adjustment of new children to the classroom.
16. Assist in planning outdoor activities for children.

17. Observe children and inform the Group teacher of any unusual behavior, eating or health habits, etc.
18. Share all patient information with the teacher regarding the child and family.
19. Be present at the Parent/Teacher conferences and assist by reinforcing positive images of
the child.
20. Conduct home visits us required with a social service partner.
21. Other duties as assigned by Educational Director and Program Director.

SUPERVISED BY: Educational Director
Candidates must have a CDA certificate at least 18 years of age. Associate degree in early childhood education or related field preferred; experience with young children in an early childhood setting. Basic understanding of developmentally appropriate practices within the early childhood setting.

Please submit resume to Antoinette Campbell:

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