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Sharon Baptist Head Start Campus 4, 1925 Bathgate Avenue, The Bronx, Bronx, NY, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Job title: Cook

REPORTS TO: Site Director
PREPARED BY: Executive Director Date: September 2021

This position is one role in an extensive system of services provided to children and families. A strong food service program is essential to supporting the program's goals. This position is responsible for ordering, preparing, serving, and documenting meals and snacks. It includes following menus and all phases of kitchen operations, including inventory control. The position contributes to the smooth operations and functioning of the kitchen in adherence to health and food safety codes and the strict cleanliness of the kitchen and food service and storage areas. The position may prepare foods for infants, toddlers, and preschool children following USDA/CACFP standards. The position may involve reassignment to various kitchens/centers as deemed necessary for program operations

The duties of the position are described in the major functional areas listed below. Additional duties may be assigned.


a. Food Service
1) Prepares and serves food and assists in any food-related activities as directed and menus as approved by registered dietitian/nutritionist, including preparing food to meet the needs of children with special needs or disabilities.
2) Maintains inventory for all necessary supplies, food, and equipment for food services operations.
3) Oversees the processing and storage of food and food-related items as they are delivered.
4) Oversees entire kitchen operations and may supervise additional staff or volunteer assistance (depending on size and scope of workload).
5) Implements a cost-effective food service program according to federal, state, and local regulations that are financially successful by helping to control food and labor costs.
6) Prepares and serves all meals as planned, paying attention to children's allergies, food presentation, and freshness.
7) Ensures that standardized recipes are followed and appropriate quantities of food are prepared and served following the CACFP meal requirements.

8) Solicits menu ideas from Head Start/Early Head Start families to ensure that the menu reflects local culture and that menu items are familiar to children, in addition to offering new foods for children and families to try.
9) Acts as a resource and a team member with program staff to plan food-related experiences and presented in a manner that facilitates family-style meal services for children and classroom staff in a Head Start/Early Head Start classroom and individual needs are met for infants and toddlers.
10) Ensures that dishes are returned to the kitchen.
11) Ensures that dishes and equipment are cleaned and stored for the next meal.
12) Responsible for proper receiving, inventory, food storage, and kitchen and equipment cleaning.
13) Notifies supervisor of any safety or health issues or concerns.

b. Health And Sanitation
1) Ensures that there is an established system for cleaning the kitchen and storage rooms so that they are always kept clean and sanitary.
2) Reports any kitchen equipment not in good working order.
3) Ensures that all foods are prepared in a safe and sanitary manner.
4) Responsible for complying with all local, state, and federal standards regarding hygiene and sanitation.

c. Recordkeeping
1) Responsible for purchasing and regularly maintaining food to ensure quality, cost control, and adequate inventory. Receives and accounts for food deliveries.
2) Completes weekly meal production records.
3) Completes a weekly inventory of all food, both perishable and non-perishable. Ensures that inventory is secure.
4) Completes equipment and supplies inventory regularly.
5) Submits food invoices in an organized fashion and promptly.
6) Maintains and submits all other records as required.
7) Participates in internal and external audits and performance improvement activities.
8) Responsible for ensuring kitchen has proper Food Permit as required by local regulations.

d. Child and Adult Care Food Program
1) Be knowledgeable about CACFP requirements regarding portions and components of each meal service.
2) Conduct point-of-service meal documentation, or assign responsible staff to count meals when children are seated and have been offered a credible meal by USDA standards for portions and components.
3) Enter point-of-service meal counts in appropriate forms or software the program uses to support claim reimbursement.
4) Edit-check CACFP records twice for accuracy and integrity before submitting them to the program office for additional edit checking.

a. Documents in-kind and other allowable costs applied toward the non-federal share requirement.
b. Attends all workshops and meetings as deemed necessary by the immediate supervisor.
c. Attends all required staff and parent meetings and activities.
d. Responsible for understanding Head Start Performance Standards.
e. Expected to be knowledgeable of the regulations associated with preventing occupational disease and injury, including the exercise of universal precautions and the prevention of contamination.
f. Maintaining strict confidentiality concerning Head Start/Early Head Start children, families, and staff per established policies and procedures.
g. Become familiar with SBHS Head Start Personnel Manual and all other SBHS materials, manuals and resources that adhere to them.

• Ability to communicate both written and orally. Ability to follow directions from both written and
oral instructions.
• Ability to speak, read and write English well enough to understand and be understood by others.
• Ability to read and comprehend instructions, correspondence, and memos. Ability to write correspondence and short newsletter articles.
• Ability to communicate with families and children positively and helpfully.
• Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers.
• Some Bilingual fluency is helpful (English/Spanish or English and other languages present in the local area).

• Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide using whole numbers and common fractions and calculate percentages.

• Ability to apply common sense understanding to complete instructions furnished in written or oral form.
• Ability to interpret instructions and follow directions
• Ability to maintain confidentiality.

The minimum requirement is that the individual is 18 years of age and has A food handlers certificate. This position is an entry-level position requiring no education qualifications unless a local or state regulation requires a high school diploma or G.E.D. A high school diploma or G.E.D. is preferred.

Within 90 days of employment, must obtain and continually maintain basic first aid and pediatric
C.P.R. certification (or sooner if required by local/state regulations). In addition, acceptable tuberculosis screening results, a clear criminal records check (including a child abuse registry check if required by state regulations), and an initial health exam is required post-job offer and before employment.

Current and former Head Start/Early Head Start parents will receive preference for employment vacancies for which they are qualified.

• Some heavy lifting of case food lots is required. You may be required to lift up to 40 pounds.
• Most kitchen work is completed in a standing position, with a large percentage of time spent working with hot stoves, ovens, a dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances.

Please submit resume to Barbara Manners:


I have read and understand the above position description. Therefore, I assert that I can perform the essential job functions, meet the requirements of this position, and satisfy the expectation for regular attendance.

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